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Blue Lotus Club – a place for leaders who value their time and for leaders who want practical knowledge and results.

Our vision

The Blue Lotus is a symbol for the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. It is never shown in full bloom because this pursuit is really a never ending, transformational process. Blue Lotus Club is a place where our members come to meet, connect and grow away from the normal rigors and routines of their business.

Our mantra, “if you want to think outside the box, you must step outside the box” is a guiding principle for what we wish to create. A place to challenge the way you think. A place to challenge the way you act. A place to understand and create the transformation you want to achieve in your business, yourself and the world. We are a community of changemakers and dreamers unsettled by the status quo and in search of something more. We believe that it is not good enough to hope for a better world, but we must seek it out and build it ourselves.


Blue Lotus Club is the manifestation of our founding team’s vision to create a better, more diverse networking experience. We are successful entrepreneurs and executives having more than 3 decades of experience growing our own businesses and working with other entrepreneurs to do the same. Our team has worked across the globe in finance and corporate growth in industries including software, healthcare, consumer goods, manufacturing, social impact and real estate development. We have counseled and mentored dozens of successful entrepreneurs. In all our success we have found common threads that define what makes good business. Ultimately, good business comes from good people willing to challenge themselves and here, at Blue Lotus Club, we seek to provide you with that transformational experience to help your business thrive.

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