Connect with purpose

A professional networking and development experience like none else.
If you want to think outside the box, you must step outside the box.

Growth through diversity

Blue Lotus Club is a private and exclusive members club where entrepreneurs and executives can connect and share with each other insights that grow and improve business.

The Club Offers

The Blue Lotus symbolises pursuit of wisdom and knowledge. Your pursuit of wisdom and knowledge. This pursuit is an essential factor in the growth, success and endurance of your business.

A membership in our club gives you the means to develop your business capabilities.

Networking and Connection

Every two weeks our members virtually meet to get to know each other, exchange ideas and share experience.

Curated Learning

Benefit from expert knowledge, and real-life case studies tailored to your practical business needs.

Executive Mentoring

Schedule focus sessions with our mentors to gain one on one insights from incredible business leaders.

What the Members Say

Discover Your Potential

Find businesses like yours, partners you can trust,
advice and education to help you develop
and so much more.